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About Us

At Mays//Mock, we specialize in middle market Private Equity investments, focusing on the dynamic sectors of Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT), Transportation, and Energy. Our mission is to generate a positive economic impact and deliver lasting value for our investors, the companies in our portfolio, and the communities where we operate.

Our approach is rooted in the combination of exceptional investing and operating expertise, which we leverage to increase value and generate positive returns for our investors. As a minority-owned firm, we can accelerate business growth through obtaining Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status, creating a more equitable economic landscape.


Mays//Mock is dedicated to generating a positive economic impact and delivering lasting value for our investors, the companies in our portfolio, and the communities where we operate. Darrell Mays and Larry Mock have consistently provided positive returns to investors across multiple economic cycles through investing and operating expertise.


We seek to be impactful investors and rely on our formula, Majority + Minority = Equality (M+M=E) to guide our impact. We aim to create a more equitable economic landscape that promotes inclusivity and opportunities for underrepresented groups by providing access to clients and capital, specifically for minority-owned businesses.

  • We convert majority businesses to Minority Business Entities (MBEs), as obtaining MBE status can open doors to valuable opportunities including partnerships with Fortune 500 companies through supplier diversity programs.

  • Obtaining MBE status often involves networking with various organizations, industry associations, and government agencies that support minority-owned businesses. These connections can provide valuable resources, mentorship, and access to potential partners.

  • Establishing yourself as an MBE can serve as a unique selling point for your business. It demonstrates your commitment to diversity and inclusion, which can be attractive to customers and investors who value corporate social responsibility.

The MBE Advantage

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